Ebisu New York is a fashion health (girls nightclub).
Fashion health is a type of nightclub where dressed-up girls provide guests with deep service with their hands, mouth and body.
We assure your enjoyment and safety, as we have the official permission as a incall business and we have been running it for long.

※Incall only


★Diary diary★

らん (20)
T158 B85(E) W59 H84

ひなこ (24)
T167 B80(B) W57 H85

なな (24)
T162 B82(C) W58 H85

あおば (21)
T154 B85(E) W57 H83

かな (21)
T162 B87(D) W59 H85

あかり (21)
T150 B87(F) W58 H84

まりな (19)
T148 B88(D) W58 H90

すず (18)
T155 B83(D) W58 H82

しおり (19)
T164 B98(G) W60 H95

しの (23)
T168 B90(G) W58 H89

ひろか (22)
T169 B85(C) W59 H84

まな (20)
T155 B90(E) W58 H88

みつは (20)
T165 B90(F) W58 H80

くるみ (21)
T158 B92(G) W59 H84

雪 (23)
T155 B87(C) W59 H89

ちか (23)
T163 B82(C) W58 H83

美咲 (25)
T159 B80(C) W56 H82

ジュン (23)
T156 B80(B) W57 H87

マイ (25)
T156 B85(E) W58 H86

れい (19)
T163 B87(E) W59 H88

ゆり (19)
T153 B85(D) W56 H86

ゆきな (24)
T155 B84(C) W56 H83

ゆうり (22)
T156 B86(D) W59 H84

みらい (20)
T150 B85(D) W58 H85

みお (21)
T160 B88(D) W58 H88

はな (23)
T160 B90(E) W58 H88

なるみ (23)
T153 B88(D) W57 H87

なぎさ (25)
T162 B86(D) W59 H85

せりな (18)
T159 B82(C) W57 H84

かれん (18)
T165 B82(C) W58 H83

かいり (18)
T158 B83(C) W57 H82

えりか (21)
T158 B84(C) W58 H86

うづき (24)
T170 B90(E) W59 H91

あんな (23)
T158 B85(D) W57 H83

あや (23)
T159 B87(C) W57 H86

あき (25)
T152 B80(C) W57 H82

まどか (24)
T158 B95(F) W59 H88

ゆら (19)
T165 B88(E) W59 H85

えみり (22)
T156 B88(F) W58 H84

ゆみか (19)
T154 B86(D) W58 H87

かんな (20)
T163 B95(F) W60 H90

Yuka (21)
T162 B89(D) W59 H87

うた (25)
T158 B105(H) W62 H90

Misaki (25)
T159B80(C) W56H82

じゅり (21)
T173 B85(C) W60 H87

さき (21)
T165 B95(E) W60 H90

さりな (23)
T167 B88(C) W60 H90

みのり (24)
T158 B97(G) W59 H89

まき (24)
T158 B82(B) W58 H85

ゆめ (18)
T151 B85(E) W59 H88

あいか (25)
T153 B83(C) W58 H86

るり (24)
T153 B82(B) W58 H85

ゆう (25)
T165 B90(F) W60 H88

まお (24)
T148 B82(B) W58 H83