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Ebisu New York is a fashion health (girls nightclub).
Fashion health is a type of nightclub where dressed-up girls provide guests with deep service with their hands, mouth and body.
We assure your enjoyment and safety, as we have the official permission as a incall business and we have been running it for long.

※Incall only

Coming soon...

rino (19)

natumi (25)

Azusa (19)

Remi (20)
T158B83(C) W58H87

Natsuna (19)
T160B75(A) W55H78

Fuyu (21)
T159B80(C) W59H85

Mero (19)
T145 B81(B) W57 H82

Hiyori (18)
T164 B85(C) W58 H89

Koharu (18)
T150 B83(B) W59 H82

Mayuko (20)
T165 B82 (C) W58 H85

Emiri (20)
T154 B83(D) W59 H85

Yume (18)
T151 W59 H88

Misa (18)
T160 B84 W59 H85

Maki (24)
T158B82(B) W58H85

Akari (23)
T153 B84(D) W57 H85

Mei (21)
T153 B82(B) W57 H83

Hitomi (23)
T154B85(D) W58H87

Momoko (23)
T160B82(B) W58H83

Misaki (25)
T159B80(C) W56H82

Uta (25)
T158B105(H) W62H90

Minori (24)
T158B95(F) W59H89

Juri (21)
T173B85(C) W60H87

Sarina (23)
T167B88(C) W60H90

Shiho (22)
T148B78(A) W56H82

Aika (25)
T153B83(C) W58H86

Keiko (23)
T155B83(C) W58H83

Karen (24)
T148B85(E) W58H86

Choko (19)
T152B85(c) w59H86

Serina (18)
T159B82(C) W57H84

Saki (21)
T165B95(E) W59H90

Mari (25)
T168B90(E) W60H88

Ruri (24)
T153B82(B) W58H85

Ayumi (21)
T170B84(B) W58H84

Yuu (25)
T166B90(F) W60H88

Rika (24)
T160B84(C) W59H84

Mai (25)
T156B85(E) W58H86

Aki (25)
T152B80(C) W57H82

Riria (18)
T158B85(E) W58H87

Arina (18)
T152 B90(F) W56 H83

Mao (24)
T148B82(B) W58H83